Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WITN News Video Link and the Audio Archive from Pirate Radio

Support Pouring In For Former ECU Football Player Spencer Hampton

      Mr. Billy Weaver did an amazing job on this piece.  I know Lindsay and Spencer did a great job telling Spencer's story and they thought Mr. Billy couldn't have done a better job of telling it.  It is a tear-jerker so be prepared, but it is also very inspiring at the same time.
     This audio feed is from the show "The Pressbox."  It is Mr. Billy Weaver and Mr. Brian Bailey discussing Spencer's story and the benefit.  The audio about Spencer starts at about the midway point of the show if you would like to fast forward.  Again, they did a great job and you can tell that both of these two men have a personal relationship with the families and have a strong connection to this story.

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