Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30, 2012

          I am pleased to inform everyone that with the benefit coming up on Sunday, the morale of everyone’s spirits are lifted. Spencer is working effortlessly during the day to continue his radiation treatments and continually fighting this uphill battle each day. Everyone is really coming together for this great benefit Sunday. I hope that everyone will be able to attend and really focus on having a good time. There is plenty of time for everyone to have their moments to reflect and even sulk, but Sunday is a time of family, friends and fun. We want everyone to drink, laugh, and be happy that we can gather in a place where God's hand is reaching out. We are truly blessed.

             I would like to thank so many that are responsible for Sunday. Thank you to Mrs. Renea Baker who helped make the flyer and get them to businesses around town. To all the people who made phone calls, and had items donated for the auction. I would like to thank Tie Breakers for being such a gracious host.  Also to everyone at Aldridge and Southerland and specifically Connie Corey and Jordan Robertson.  Everybody has really done their part. The t-shirts, decals, wristbands and huggers all look wonderful and really make you proud to be a part of the cause.  If you cannot make it Sunday, you can go by Aldridge and Southerland Realtors to donate and recieve any of these items.

           With the benefit coming up and everybody helping out and playing a part in the support of Spencer’s fight, I want to propose something. I recently came across a great idea with the help of Mindy Hill.  I want everyone to get more involved in the website, instead of just me rambling on so I suggest this; I want everyone to send me pictures of you with the theme "Against All Odds" somewhere in the photo. To be more specific, I suggest that when you are thinking or praying for Spencer, or if you are in a place that is special to you, just take a picture. Make sure you are in the picture, and somewhere in the picture you have written "Against All Odds." This can be a picture at the beach, out of town on vacation, at church with the family; wherever. This will show all the people who are out there thinking of Spencer on a daily basis, and how much the word is spreading about the God and one of his child’s will to fight.
         If you have any more questions about this, or want to start sending me pictures my e-mail is.. RES6122 @UNCW.EDU ... I hope you all take this opportunity to show Spencer your support along with Lindsay and the entire Hampton family.  I have also had people ask me where they can donate money directly to Spencer's Hampton Fund.  If you would like you can pay in cash or make a check out to the Spencer Hampton Fund, and mail to:

Aldridge and Southerland
ATT: Spencer Hampton Fund
226 Commerece Street
Greenville, NC 27858

I am very excited for Sunday and I can't wait to see you all there!

Matthew 18:20
       "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them."

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  1. Trey,
    Rambling? You have inspired me with your courage and made me cry at your suffering. Above all you have shamed me by your unwavering faith against all odds. Sweet boy, you will never know how many people have been impacted because you openly shared your journey of faith, doubt, and hope. I am so proud of you. God is using you in a great way.