Monday, March 19, 2012

March 17, 2012

      On Saturday March 17th, Spencer had a CT scan which found spots on his Liver, Lung, and adrenal gland. This was unfortunate news but on a positive note the doctor was now able to do a biopsy from the liver which was the least invasive place instead of the brain. 

     On Saturday visitors poured in all day long.  The constant joke of the day was that when people walked up to the desk clerk at the hospital to ask which room Spencer was in, the desk guy didnt even have to check the computer and instead responded with "303 east" as if saying it for the 10,000th time.  Spencer and I set-up a poker game that afternoon which both of us had done numourous nights where most times I would eventually take his money or leave him with an "I.O.U." or "Can you run me to the ATM?" hah.  Spencer was seemingly having a good time despite the unfortunate news.  We gained permission that day to put him in the wheelchair and roll him outside to get some sun.  He was not allowed to walk since he was considered a "fall risk."  He very much enjoyed that and in fact found Matt Board a new career in being a hospital security cop because they cruised around on segways all day.  

      I believe the higlight of the day had to come when two of his groomsman Judd Howard and Thomas Ball came into room for their first visitations.  The two came bearing gifts as if they were wiseman following the north star.  These gifts included lotto tickets and schilitz malt liquor that had been harboured in Thomas's back pocket past security.  Everyone for that time forgot the reasons that there was almost a party taking place in the room 303 of the East Wing. 

      Saturday night went a lot better with Lindsay staying overnight for the second straight night.  They were a little more prepared with some things from home that made them rest easier. 

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